The Best-Kept Secret for Every Bride-to-Be – Clip-In Hair Extensions!

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Now, you might be wondering why on earth you need hair extensions for your wedding day. I get it, I really do. It’s a question I would get literally multiple times per year, for the last 15 years! So, trust me when I say that clip-in hair extensions can be a game-changer and take your bridal look to a whole new level, they will, and they do!

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Should I get Clip In Extensions for my Wedding?

Clip-in hair extensions might seem like a frivolous addition, but believe me, they can make all the difference on your wedding day, YES, even for my low-maintenance brides out there. They’ll give you the hair of your dreams and leave your guests (and your partner) in awe. So, what do these magical extensions actually do? Well, to put it simply, they give you that lush, voluminous hair you’ve always dreamed of. You know those Pinterest boards filled with impossibly perfect updos and glamorous waves? Clip-in hair extensions are the secret behind those picture-perfect hairstyles. They add length, thickness, and overall oomph to your natural hair, making it look like you just stepped out of a celebrity salon.

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Best Clip In Hair Extension Tips for Brides

Now, let me give you some important tips on purchasing clip-in hair extensions.

  1. First of all, make sure to choose extensions made from real human hair. Synthetic extensions might be a bit cheaper, but trust me, they won’t blend as seamlessly with your natural hair. Plus, real hair extensions can be heat-styled and washed just like your own hair, giving you endless options for the big day and beyond. They have come down in price a lot since back in my pageant days in 2004.
  2. Match the color of your extensions to your natural hair as closely as possible. You don’t want those extensions to be screaming, “Hey, I’m fake!” Instead, you want them to seamlessly blend in, giving the illusion that you were blessed with Rapunzel-like locks. Some brands even offer multi-tone extensions, which mimic the subtle color variations found in real hair, so definitely look out for those options.
  3. The weight of clip-in hair extensions can vary depending on the length, thickness, and desired look. On average, a set of clip-in extensions can range from 120 grams to 220 grams. For individuals with fine or thin hair, extensions around 120-160 grams are usually sufficient to add volume and length without feeling too heavy. If you have medium to thick hair and want a more dramatic look, extensions in the range of 180-220 grams can provide a fuller effect.
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Ultimately, it is important to consider your natural hair type, the desired result, and your personal comfort when choosing the weight of clip-in extensions.

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Wedding Extensions

Now, for my low-maintenance brides out there, here’s a piece of advice: practice, practice, practice! Don’t wait until the day of your wedding to try out your clip-in hair extensions for the first time. Play around with them, style them, and see how they look with your chosen wedding hairstyle.

Better yet, If you have hired a wedding day hair stylist, absolutely get on the ball order them, and bring them with you to the trial. The more you familiarize yourself with them, test them, and use them before the big day, the more confident and stress-free you’ll feel when it counts. Plus you absolutely will want to make sure the stylist you hired can put them in and work with them to create the style you are looking for before your big day.

And finally, don’t limit yourself to just one set of extensions. You might want to consider investing in two sets, especially if you have short or fine hair. More hair means more options and a fuller, more luxurious look. Plus, hey, why not treat yourself, right?

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So, there you have it, my fellow brides-to-be. Clip-in hair extensions might seem like a frivolous addition, but believe me, they can make all the difference on your wedding day. They’ll give you the hair of your dreams and leave your guests (and your partner) in awe. Just remember to choose quality extensions, match the color, and practice styling them. With clip-ins in your arsenal, you’ll be walking down the aisle with the confidence of a goddess. Happy wedding planning, and slay that hair game!

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